GLR Copywriter

I was approached to design a horizontal website (my first) for a copywriter. The goal was to create a brand that wrapped around a copy-centric portfolio.

I worked from the ground up to create the branding and all elements that would accompany the website design and build; and also social media for launch.


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guides
  • UX Design
  • UI Web Design
  • Horizontal Website Build
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Design

Logo Design

So there were 3 samples created to capture simplistic design, of which this was the chosen design.

My goal was to combine all the required elements. Firstly simplistic design, secondly elements of copy to connect to the client being a copywriter. Thirdly, she loved geometric shapes so the aim was to try to get all this together with a pastel palette and present her initials in the logo icon.

Colour Pallette

So from the chosen mood board (below),  I kept to the brief of geometrics, shapes, and pastels; I was able to start rounding off the final looks and alternatives for the Logo. (left) 

We could decide what options we have for different backgrounds/social media posts (as a lot of the content would be text-based, so something that would pop on the base colour).

We also looked at strong root colours like the dark blues, as to break away from black for text. So this would used on copy like the website and other aspects of informative pieces. Either way all strong and pastel colours worked well together. 

Graphic Design

Because the clients portfolio was copy based we had to create a few elements that be part of the brand and would also help with a good user flow when it came to navigating around the website. All clean and simple geometrics.


So this was tricky because the request was specifically for a horizontal website. The purpose was to imitate reading, as one would with copywriting, so the wireframes created a base concept for the design flow of information.

< (Left)

So as the design scrolled horizontal, I thought it be great to shift direction and go for a down scroll as the viewer hits the Portfolio section.

Some work was media-based and others blog/content copy based, so the decision on whether to stick to text and only image upon opening a portfolio post was chosen.


> (Right)

The Contact section that would end on all pages.




You can view the website below and how it flowed with all the design elements.

Social Media

The last bit was to get all social media to correspond with the brand of GLR. So I designed the banners and introductory posts for launch.


All in all the whole journey of creating the branding, website, and design elements for GLR was quite a success.

This was the first horizontal website that I not only designed but built, so an achievement for me and definitely something i’d be happy to do in the future.

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