Inspirational Women Unite

A womens movement that originated in the United States to form a community spirit of self-love and triumph in the face of social "norms" and trauma.

Skills Used

Art Direction | Logo Design | Social Media Prompts | Photography | Advanced Editing | Graphic Design (Layout and Book format)

The Project

IWU is a group that originated from the States under the scope of "Insecure Photoshoot" which allied women from cross country to take part in a movement that described their insecurities and how they came to self-love and acceptance through them. The South African lead was under Lucrezia Williams and she decided after a few years to alter the tone of the group movement and thus Inspirational Women Unite was formed. After years of collaborative amateur photography for the great cause of uniting women under any country, region race, or creed Lucrezia had the vision to push this community into 6th gear by formatting Inspiration Women Unite, which she was to take over to New Zealand too. Her passion for storytelling and connecting women through stories of courage, overcoming insecurities, and being triumphant are the core foundation of this project. The goal was to create creative portrayals of each woman's story, and after a tight selection, I was to brainstorm ideas on how to encapsulate each person with their metaphorical or story landscape to capture the essence of the words that followed. I curated the events through timetables, recruiting the right stories for the book and conceptualizing drafts before shooting. I created composite images with advanced edits of all items shot on the day (and discussed with women)

Website Design

"Bernice helped me execute a project very dear to my heart. She maintained an attitude of professionalism and great suggestions with her knowledge and eye for art, design & photography. We could not have established the beautiful storytelling visual results, for Inspiration Women Unite, without her! I highly recommenced Bernice for her good quality images and professional treatment. She is very passionate about what she does and this is evident in the special way she has with her clients"

Lucrezia - Founder

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