Mamelle Clinic

Mamelle Clinic is a clinic that assists with breast health and breast cancer awareness. This happens through holistic treatments and educational materials.

Skills Used

Art Directing | Photography | Advanced Edit | Graphic Design (Logo Design and CI) | Printing Oversee | Website eCommerce Design and Build

The Project

The goal was initially to redo the logo and do a photoshoot for a calendar. The client needed a strategy on use of the marketing of the calendar and the brand image to be uplifted. I was fortunate to be given creative freedom and needed to bare in mind the owner wanting to keep the pink ribbon as the respective symbol still that tied the whole marketing campaign and brand strategy. I lead Creative Direction on recruiting all the talent and presented affinal concept that was signed off to produce. For the calendar photoshoot we came up with the fantastical theme of "angels for Cancer" and went with a bilingual route to cater to not only Enlish but Afrikaans speakers too. The ribbon was implemented to unify the models and speak words to those that were going though or survived the ordeal. The Calendar gained the recognition of a well known channel on DSTV (our national television distributor) and featured the clinic by way of the calendars awareness and the treatments that ensue. We expanded on the brand strategy by way of appointment business cars., informative flyers and a website that was dedicated to repenting Mamelle clinic and the funds that would be raised online by the 3 types of Calendar designs (Wall, desk and Birthday calendars), for those women struggling to pay their medical bills or needing aid therapeutically.

Website Design Layout

" I contacted Bernice to inquire about a photoshoot for Mamelle and a logo redo. I got so much more than I expected.

Henryka - Business Owner

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