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Inspirational Women Unite

A group of women collectively coming together annually to inspire through personal stories of struggle and triumph, through photography. We created a brand for the stories to become more impactful and memorable, with sharing capabilities for digital and print.


  • Website Design 
  • Photography 
  • Advanced Editing 
  • Logo Design 
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Management

Photography + Advanced Edit

I was approached to capture the annual storytelling of women coming forward with their triumphs and life lessons. I recommend a surreal composite shoot to portray each woman. We selected a handful to feature in the first coffee table book. 

I suggest the book as it would put the movement and brand above the years before, create awareness and allow the stories to be tangible enough to share in a good format and unique execution.

I sat with each model to find out about their personalities, and their specific feature story;  I sketched ideas for the composites so shoot day went smooth and editing had structure. We also spoke about aesthetics, like what they could be wearing, and if props are needed to convey ideas or if their kids or extras would be needed. 

Website Design + Build

The website was designed to bring all group members to the platform to share women’s inspiring stories of triumph on the blog. The Coffee Table was available for orders to be taken online and to create awaeness in a fashionable way. The photoshoot I did was used on the website as imagery too.

Coffeetable Book + Gift Box Design

We took a selection of stories and created a coffee table book to capture the advanced images and stories so they could be gifted to women. The Gift Box would come with a Large and smaller copy so they in turn could gift another. I thought a coffee table book would help spread the message in a clearer and more tangible way to get people talking in homes and offices.

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Bernice Nelson

Bernice Nelson

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